Protect the kids and teens in your life – and yourself – from the mental health damage alcohol causes.

You know the risk that alcohol can pose to mental health. It weakens coping skills; lessens concentration; it causes sadness, isolation and hopelessness. Your vulnerable brothers and sisters – and other kids you know – are much more likely to listen to you and take advice.  So help them learn the truth.

This important campaign and resource is brought to you by USI and Alcohol Action Ireland.  That’s because more and more students are coming to us asking for help and support for themselves or because they’ve become concerned that their younger brothers and sisters – or children they know – are under severe pressure to drink underage and drink harmfully.

It’s also clear that mental health harm caused by alcohol is preventing many students from performing at the level they’re capable of.  It’s damaging our ability to cope with everyday life, with our studies and the chance to have healthy relationships.

This site deals in facts, science and what the research tells us.  It provides us with the information we need to help children and young people in our lives.  It also offers information and ideas on how to be smart around our own drinking. You you can find out all about the effects that alcohol can have, as well as information on low risk limits for drinking. Learn about the benefits that come from cutting down – and more great ways to help others.

Help protect children’s mental health from the damage alcohol causes. Know the facts.

You might be the only hero your younger brother or sister has.